Fine Assorted Links
Acuity Design - The finest product design and development firm in the universe.

Taulman 3D - Do you print with an FDM (or FFF) 3D Printer? Then buy some Taulman 618!

Maloufco Enterprises - Ever wonder where carbon comes from?

Noctropolis - Featuring the digital art and photography of Anne Cruikshank. The delightful baby dolls are highly recommended.

Kelly Packer - One of the best painters on the planet, Ms. Packer's work is coveted by people with taste.

The School of Media Arts - The Schoolhouse that done taught me my learnin' and at where I teach learnin's to a fresh crop.

Malouf Blog - Here there are occasional pictures and movies of a super cute male human toddler.

Maloufco Country Store - Shop for apparel and sticky objects adorned with your favorite Maloufco stains here.
CES Madness!
I just got back from 2015 International CES in Las Vegas. My head is still spinning from all I experienced and how little I slept. There were over 170,000...
Hello, Helix. Goodbye, Helix. Hello, LulzBot! has been kooky as it's known to be from time to time. Yeah, it's been quite a year. Since my last update, 3D printing took me from my position...
Vases and Lamps
It's been a while since I've updated this site on my adventures in 3D printing. Life has been pretty cool of late. First off, I am now employed as Creative...
Maloufco Enterprises was to be my MFA thesis project, but then 3D printing came into my life and led me in another direction. My plan was to fully flesh out...
Family Tree Sequence
This is a short animation I created for an upcoming documentary film called "We Sing Where I'm From."
This exhibition of 3D prints was the culmination of my MFA in Integrated Digital Media. I was dealing with numerous issues raised by this new technology including...
3D Printing!
The School of Media Arts at The University of Montana purchased a Thing-o-Matic 3D printer kit in the Fall of 2011. I was fortunate enough to be the one who put...
Spring 2012 Animation Reel
Goo Experiments
Goo Experiments These three experimental blobs of gelatinous matter were all proudly jiggled in the Maloufco chemical factory.
Maloufco Bumper
Two Chix. One Board.
Safety System
Saint Astrophant
Fairy Tale
Still Image Design
I also make 2D things that don't move! Graphic Design Illustration/Compositing